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Brainbelt Illustration Collective | Design Week Exhibition 2014 | Title: "The Chime in the Slime"

I wanted to do a fun piece about a design disaster in Dublin for Design Week. This piece is about the ill-fated 'Millennium Clock' that was commissioned by the National Lottery in the 90's to countdown to the year 2000. The clock was submerged in 1996 in the River Liffey, in a high profile position visible from O'Connell Bridge. A postcard booth was placed on the bridge that printed postcards for 20p, bearing the exact amount of time left until the dawn of the new millennium. Unfortunately the clock had repeated problems with letting in water, and failed to display the time correctly. It was removed after a brief period, but not before it had been nicknamed "The Chime in the Slime" by some, and others as 'The Clock in the Dock' in typical Dublin fashion.

The group exhibition is currently hanging in MVP, Dublin until 15 Dec. 2014 as part of Design Week. For more about Brainbelt see: www.brainbelt.ie.







Jameson Dublin Film Festival / Brainbelt Illustration Collective

Brainbelt Collective teamed up with the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 2014 creating new posters for some of the most anticipated movies on the JDIFF schedule. I designed an alternative film poster for Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel. (Filmbase, Dublin Feb. 2014)

















'Pet Peeves' | Brainbelt Illustration Collective

Illustration for 'Pet Peeves' exhibition on what annoys and irritates us as part of the Brainbelt Collective - Bernard Shaw, Dublin Sep./ Oct 2013. For more about Brainbelt see: www.brainbelt.ie




'Illustrate My World' | Little Green Gallery Dublin

Illustrations part of the group exhibition 'Illustrate My World' in the Little Green Gallery, Dublin. Illustration based on the characters from the film and comic book Ghostworld. (June 2011).