Eileen O'Neill | Graphic Design
Graphic Design

ICAD Upstarts

Design Factory Brief / DSPCA for the Upstarts Design Programme
○ Campaign Concept
○ Poster/ Campaign design
○ Typography & Layout

This campaign was created in response to the ICAD Upstarts workshop held by Design Factory. We were asked to create a set of bus shelter poster designs that would encourage people who are thinking of getting a family pet, to adopt one instead. My concept was a twist on the traditional ‘missing cat’ or ‘missing dog poster’. I wanted to create a playful poster that could be understood quickly and clearly by audiences walking by, or at a distance.

Upstarts Design Programme 2013 Application

My successful entry to the Upstarts Design Programme 2013 run by the Institute of Creative Advertising and Design (ICAD).

The brief was to make people see North Korea more favourably, incorporating a national identity/ mascot. I took a tongue & cheek approach and designed and illustrated a gif based website which can be seen at: www.northkoreanstyle.com