Eileen O'Neill | Graphic Design
Graphic Design

Cities Against Poverty

○ Event Branding & identity Design
○ logo design & Roll out Including;
    brochures, signage, bag, podium

The brand identity for this event is designed to reflect the theme of technology. The forum’s overarching objective is making cities smart, safe and sustainable through technological solutions. The client wanted a strong Dublin brand but also a very modern and ‘smart technology’ orientated one. Dublin’s icons have been given a simple yet technological treatment in the logomark.

Originally this conference was going to be called ‘W.A.C.A.P.
2013 Dublin’. The acronym stood for (the 8th Forum of the) World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty. As part of the branding design I persuaded the client have a shorter name that would be easier to remember.


Produced at:
Conference Partners